Powder-Type Serum for
Moisturizing ON-The-Go

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It's a completely new type of beauty serum that can be applied even over makeup.
The Nano-sized powder that luxuriously includes skincare and moisturizing ingredients penetrate
through the pores into the stratum corneum, moisturizing the skin from the inside.
It also has a sunscreen effect (SPF 18, PA +++) and can protect the skin from sunlight
by using it as a make-up base. This ultrafine powder quickly fits the skin and improves the skin texture.



  • Wash your face and tone the skin with skin toner.

    Gently put the appropriate amount of powder
    all over the face by pressing with a puff.
    The powder fits well to the skin by pressing
    gently with palms, and it makes the skin bright
    up by one tone. You can also use it as a
    makeup base as it has a sunscreen effect.

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  • For fixing your make-up in the daytime

    This powder can be used both before
    and after make-up.
    You can improve the make-up lasting by
    using before make-up, and it creates a smooth
    and moist texture by using after make-up.
    Also, you can use it as highlighting powder.

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  • As a facial pack at night

    This powder provides long-lasting hydration.
    When you apply plenty of the powder after
    finishing your skin care of night,
    you can feel moisture and firmness
    in skin texture the next morning.

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Moisturize your skin anywhere, anytime

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Powder-type serum 9.5g/ about for 1-2 months use

JPY6,600 (Retail price in Japanese market)

Note: Wholesale prices are subject to negotiation.

Skincare Ingredients





Moisturizing Ingredients




Scientific cosmetics based on the
beauty science research
by Hosokawa Micron

  • Getting Right
    Inside the Skin

    How to deliver beauty ingredients
    right into the depths of the stratum
    corneum? PLGA nanocapsules with
    high permeability and long
    sustainability do just that,
    placing the highest emphasis on
    improving skin quality.

  • 140nm

    No matter how great an ingredient maybe,
    if it can't get inside the skin,it can't carry out its role.
    PLGA nanocapsules have a minuscule size of 140 nanometers.
    This is more than two million times smaller than the size of a pore.
    That's how these nanoparticles deliver beauty ingredients right
    down to the deepest part of the stratum corneum.
    If the particles were any bigger or smaller than this,
    they wouldn't be able to work to the best of their ability.
    The culmination of years of research data is packed into
    these tiny 140-nanometer particles.

  • Long-Lasting

    How to keep delivering
    beauty ingredients
    to your skin in the same condition
    for over 24 hours?
    By the "time-release method"
    of PLGA nanocapsules,
    bringing medical research and
    cosmetics together.

  • How time-release nanoscience works

    The PLGA nanocapsules have a spherical structure like yarn threads entangled.
    The useful ingredients entangled in PLGA nanocapsules are released slowly
    from the spherical structure as if yarns were untied and can stay around
    the stratum corneum for a long time.
    Furthermore, as the PLGA nanocapsules hydrolyzed with the body water are
    promptly discharged out of the body as water and carbon dioxide.
    In other words, only the necessary ingredients keep acting for a long time,
    and PLGA nanocapsules as a career are extremely safe materials for the human body
    and marine environment.